Dear Dr. _______
Thank you for the documentation you provided.
 Perhaps we could someday arrange to talk on the phone about free energy systems, as I believe they are critical to the future of our country and the world.
Regarding the Searl system, this is not a system I have studied.  But, if time can be found, I will see what I can learn about it in the next few weeks or months.  You may also want to look into the work of Floyd "Sparky" Sweet who also reportedly developed a magnetic system that levitated.
Unfortunately, I am not an expert on complex magnetic systems.  But I do claim knowledge about many other kinds of free energy devices. I also claim knowledge about the physics of magnetic phase cancellation, and that appears to be involved in levitation.
 Regarding the physics associated with free energy and scalar electromagnetics, I must first mention the extraordinary work of John Hutchison.  Among other things, John has been able to levitate 70 pound cannonballs and has shredded bars of steel with a very sophisticated system that very few people appear to understand.  However, I do believe I understand his system and also believe I have a good understanding of the new physics that would be involved. There is much on my web site about John.
On my web site, there are many videos which show the "Hutchison effect." I strongly urge you to examine at least a few of these videos and am certain that you, as a good scientist, will be intrigued. 
Also, seeing these effects might be able to help you in your work on nano-tubes.
Let me note that the very best free energy generator I know of was made by Dr. Thomas Henry Moray who lived from roughly 1890 until perhaps 1955, or thereabouts. 
Dr. Moray was ultimately able to create a 50 kilowatt tabletop device which was demonstrated to many people, some of whom signed affidavits testifying to the production of large amounts of energy.  But the patent office reportedly refused to give Dr. Moray a patent for his devices and government representatives reportedly said that power development was a matter for private industry.  So, in the final analysis, Dr. Moray's device went with him to his grave. 
All told, Dr. Moray probably spent 30 or 40 years working on his free energy systems which he developed in his free time while working as an engineer.
Possibly I could replicate Dr. Moray's devices, as I spent three years studying his work, but the engineering is very tough -- even though in the final analysis, the devices seem to be simple in their apparent construction.
 Dr. Moray's devices also reportedly ran cool.  And the harder they were pumped for energy, the cooler they ran.  This was very probably due to the use of negative mass electrons that Dr. Moray appeared to have made and captured in his circuit. 
Since negative mass electrons have negative mass, they essentially invert the normal laws of physics and produce power rather than consume it.  All of this is in accord with my theories, however.  I know of no one else who has proposed these ideas, although Dr. Thomas Bearden may have addressed some aspects of them.
But it could also be the case that Dr. Bearden strongly influenced my thinking.
Dr. Bearden should be considered to be one of the world's leading experts on free energy.  But the last time I communicated with Dr. Bearden, who I do not know well, he had indicated that his health is not ideal.
As you may know, 75% of the known universe is reportedly made up of "dark energy." But dark energy is apparently antigravitic in nature, and the easiest way I know of to obtain an antigravitic energy is via negative mass particles, such as negative mass electrons and negative mass positrons.
 So, is it not possible that most of the known universe speaks of free energy?
Dirac, the Nobel-prize winning genius who developed relativistic quantum mechanics, was the first person I know of to propose the existence of negative mass electrons -- and this led Dirac to further propose the existence of antiparticles, which, of course, were subsequently discovered.
So, there is a history of negative mass particles.  Unfortunately, it appears possible that a few physics theorists convinced the physics world that the idea of negative mass electrons is nonsense.  I believe those theorists simply reached a wrong conclusion.
More recently, in the 1990s, Steven Mark created a system of "toroidal power units" that are remarkable generators of power, but they tended to run hot.  This is probably due to positron annihilation in his systems as it is the case that when negative mass electrons are created, they are accompanied with positive mass positrons, according to my theory.
When positrons annihilate with ordinary electrons, they make a lot of heat.  So, after twenty minutes, the toroidal power units stopped working due to overheating that came from these effects, I believe.
A noted engineer, named Jack Dunlap, said that he worked with Steven Mark and has stated that the Mark devices did perform as advertised, except they overheated after 20 minutes. 
There are many YouTube videos on Steven Mark's devices and I have some of those videos on my web site.
But there is more: A man named Stan Meyer, in the 1990s, was able to perfect a way to break up water in a way that produced energy. 
Stan had many patents on his devices and demonstrated his device before a patent examining board.  This is partly documented on my web site.
 Meyer has essentially shown us that there is a way to power the whole world with the energy that can be gotten from water -- if done in a special way.  This is an extraordinary statement that could give the world all the energy it needs!   But getting the world to listen is a problem, it seems.
There are also other free energy devices, but the ones I have mentioned are the best that I know about.
I do not want this introductory message to become too long, so led me just say that I would be happy to help you in any way that I can. 
Oh, but I must add: My research indicates that free energy systems do not necessarily violate the laws of physics as they apparently conserve energy by producing negative energy in equal amounts to the positive energy that is produced.  That would explain why these devices run cool and would explain why Dr. Moray's devices ran coolest when they were producing maximum power.
 So, it is a probable fallacy that free energy systems violate the laws of physics.
You may read more about Hutchison, Meyer and Mark on my web site linked to below.
Let's please have a phone call sometime soon.  I would love to talk with you as I believe that you, as a scientist, would quickly understand the simple basis for free energy.
Kind regards,
Robert Koontz
Robert W. Koontz, Ph.D.
Experimental Nuclear Physicist
Former Member, US Military Intelligence
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