LAB TESTS OF AIR GRAB SHOW MASSIVE CONTAMINATION Please resize lab results to original setting to facilitate viewing. An extensive air grab through a Hepa filter was done by Arizona Sky Watch for the purpose of testing for airborne chemtrail contaminants. The results are horrifying, showing massive contamination of our atmosphere. Inhaling these high amounts of metal particulates is very dangerous. Aluminum affects the brain and central nervous system. Barium lowers the immune system and can cause dose related paralysis including paralysis of the heart muscles, ranging from mild to total quadriplegia. All of these metal nano-particles are hazardous to the lungs and can cause a condition similar to Asbestiosis or Silicosis. ARTICLE AT RENSE.COM


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Chemtrails - Lab Report On
Air Grab Thru HEPA Filter

Bridget Conroy
This is the final Lab Report RE: air material analysis. This was a 28 day collection via HEPA filter, 8 hours per day collection. Please note the extremely high Aluminum reading 12,800,000 ppb.
The actual lab report is below.
Please let us know if you have research material surrounding this 'report'. All ideas are encouraged. Previous analysis records are rain, surface water and soil.
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