Antigravity and the Biefeld-Brown Effect
Again Tested In Vacuum

Many years ago, Dr. Paul Alfred Biefeld and Dr. Thomas Townsend Brown discovered what has been called the Biefeld-Brown effect. This is described in a Wikipedia article and is discussed in numerous places on the Internet. 1

I have also tested the Biefeld-Brown effect in an experiment of my own that led to a positive result. 2

The Biefeld-Brown Effect involves charging a capacitor to a very high voltage in which there is a reported loss of weight involving a force that is felt by the capacitor in the direction of the positive plate. This is thought to be an antigravity effect.

Around the world, numerous people have developed and built small devices which are intended to exploit the Biefeld-Brown Effect, with these devices being called "lifters." These devices are able to fly about, sometimes tethered to the ground and sometimes flying on their own. Recently larger lifter devices have been built. Some of these larger lifters fly autonomously.

It has been reported that Dr. Brown observed the Biefeld-Brown effect in vacuum in very sophisticated experiments. That would suggest that the Biefeld-Brown Effect is not due to what some people call ion wind. But, until recently, to the best of my knowledge, no one has tested the Biefeld-Brown Effect in vacuum, with although in secret government laboratories it is possible that such experiments have been done.

However, according to the web site of Jean Louis Naudin, the Biefeld-Brown Effect, associated with a lifter phenomenon, has been tested in vacuum with positive results.3  This would tend to substantiate the results of Dr. Brown.

I believe that this substantiation is important in that it tends to confirm that achievement of antigravity is possible, to some greater or lesser degree.

There are also the experiments of two Russian scientists who claim both antigravity and production of free energy in an experiment that substantiates the claims of Professor John Searle. 4

All of these results indicate the probable existence of antigravitic effects, and in the Russian experiment, substantiate production of free energy and do so in a manner consistent with conventional scientific methodologies and documentation.

Robert W. Koontz   
December 10, 2009 

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