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The Picture below shows levitation of a 70 pound cannonball.  This is the work of John Hutchison, a Canadian inventor and experimenter who has perplexed many scientists. Click on the picture for video showing many different kinds of objects being levitated.  Click here for discussion of my antigravity experiment -- R. Koontz  Please note that the video below also shows jellification of certain metals.



Jellification and Transmutation of Metals

Using similar kinds of technology, Hutchison is able to jellify steel and aluminum bars of metal without heat




The picture below shows a small piece of wood that was teleported inside a block of aluminum by Hutchison. The second picture shows a butter knife embedded in a block of aluminum.





My Letter In Support of John Hutchison   



Comments On the Hutchison Effect;
Relation to The Putative Philadelphia Experiment

Please note that the effects seen by Hutchison would be consistent with many of the reported events associated with the so-called Philadelphia experiment -- which may or may not have been a real experiment. In that alleged experiment, said to be conducted during the Second World War, a US Navy ship was supposed to have been made invisible with certain terrible things happening to some of the crew members, such as arms their ending up being partly impregnated inside of steel bulkheads.  R. Koontz (Bio)

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