These Were My Nov. 24, 2009 Bullet Points 
In An Appearance with George Noory On Coast to Coast AM
 1) Russian scientists have produced free energy with a 7 kilowatt generator which  simultaneously showed a dramatic antigravity effect -- where the device lost 30% of its weight.
 2) Free energy processes are consistent with the laws of physics.  Energy is conserved when free energy systems produce negative energy in equal amounts to the positive energy gained.
 3) The United States is headed for an economic disaster -- unless we exploit free energy.
 4) Owing to something called "gauge transformations," there is a free energy process which allows water to be broken up into hydrogen and oxygen rapidly.  So, it is possible to essentially run cars on water. This was shown to a patent examining board by a man named Stan Meyer. 
 5) All of the power the world needs can also be acquired by using this gauge transformation in water and other gauge transformations.
 6) If we fail to act at this critical point in time, the consequences could be dire.
Bob Koontz
Experimental Nuclear Physicist
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